Jim Chute's Camarada Article in N&D

Here is the link to Jim Chute's article about Camarada in the Night & Day section of today's paper. Thank you to Jim for keeping San Diego up-to-date with the Arts and Culture!  MINGLE @ the Mingei premiere's on September 29th, 6:00 pm, at Mingei International Museum in Balboa Park.  Tickets are available on our website:

Musical MIngle article by Jim Chute UT NIght & Day, September 19, 2013

Creative Catalyst Grant 2012 News

In 2012 Camarada was awarded a Creative Catalyst Grant from the San Diego Foundation. This collaboration with the band The Tree Ring resulted in the LP Brushbloom composed by Joel P. West. The composition Brushbloom Glow, featuring Camarada and Tree Ring performers is featured in the knockout film Short Term 12, directed by Destin Creton, film scoring by Joel P. West. This film will be premiered today in New York and Los Angeles. The video was made with students at the Monarch School (serving students impacted by homelessness in San Diego).
Thank you San Diego Foundation.
Good luck Destin Cretton in your premier and congratulations Joel P. West!
Click on link~Watch~Enjoy

Letter from Beth Ross Buckley, CAMARADA Executive and Artistic Director

Dear Camarada Friends,

It is with great pleasure that I announce the 2013-14 Camarada Season. In this nineteenth season I am thrilled to announce our new collaboration with the Mingei International Museum, Balboa Park. As Mingei Artists in Residence, Camarada will present four Sunday night concerts in this colorful and refreshing museum.   My vision for the new Mingle @ the Mingei Series is to bring great music to the people of San Diego in the beauty of Balboa Park at an extraordinary environment.   Chamber music is the powerful vehicle to bring all these aesthetics together. 

For children and families, Camarada will be offering several special programs entitled Meet a Musician.  These vignette performances will be presented during selected Family Sundays at the Mingei International Museum.  A variety of professional musicians will perform providing unique listening and interaction for lucky youngsters.   Funding was awarded to Camarada for this project from the county under the guidance and direction of  County Supervisor Ron Roberts.

The ideas for this season’s concerts have been brewing somewhere in our minds for a long time.  Dana Burnett, pianist with Camarada and I spent this past spring and summer finding musical gems and favorites that we hope will soon be your favorites. We have also unearthed some new repertoire and new versions of old repertoire for our audiences. 

Camarada is proud to announce that Nina Evarkiou has joined the Camarada family as General Manager.  Please welcome her and introduce yourself at future concerts.

Be sure to visit the concerts and calendar menu bar on our web site for details on all three of our concert series, plus a listing of other guest appearances around San Diego.  Stay tuned for personal pre and post concert stories on our new blog! I have missed all of you Camarada fans during this “off season” and can’t wait to get the season started.


Rancho Santa Fe Community Center Family Lip Sync Show

This spring, there are many ways to enjoy family and music in Rancho Santa Fe.  Camarada is pleased to share this fun community event, the Rancho Santa Fe Family Lip Sync Show with you! The family friendly show takes place on May 31, 2013 from 5:00pm – 8:00pm at the Rancho Santa Fe Community Center. It will be packed with lip syncing, raffles, and food. This is a great way for parents with kids in San Diego to have fun with the whole family… and perfect if you love to lip sync! (But don’t worry - you don’t have to participate in the competition to attend!)

Each family may submit three song choices. They have to be kid friendly and a #1 hit from the 21st century (2000 – 2013).

The dress rehearsal is right around the corner – May 24, so don’t forget to mark your calendars for the big event on May 31st! For inquiries, please contact Aaron Brown at, visit, or call (858) 756-2461.

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Night Music | Classical Music Concert in San Diego

Satisfy your cultural appetite! Camarada will present another vibrant, art infused musical performance with poetry readings by San Diego author Zohreh Ghahremani Friday, April 26th, 2013 in the acoustically delightful Great Hall at St. Paul's Cathedral.

The theme of the evening performance is Night Music - a nocturnal reverie of chamber music as it was meant to be heard -- by candlelight in a beautiful chamber.

Night Music will feature Josef Haydn's sparkling Trio, Robert Schumann's dramatic Piano Quintet and the dreamy Night Piece by Arthur Foote.

This musical evening will include a silent auction and intermission for a little social exchange.

Did you know many of our audience members often comment that their stress literally melts away during a Camarada concert? -- this concert is one of those moments! The 90 minute concert starts at 7:30PM in The Great Hall at St Paul's Cathedral, located next to Balboa Park at 2728 6th Avenue, San Diego, CA 92103.

Camarada artists for this concert include: Beth Ross Buckley, flute; David Buckley, violin; Robert Schumitzky, violin; Travis Maril, viola; Erin Breene, cello; Dana Burnett, piano Zoe Ghahremani, poetry.

Our community is strengthened by your attendance -- everyone benefits and community is created -- young, old, singles, families, young professionals, entrepreneurs, adventurists, and artists of all kinds.

Go here for: TICKETS

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Live Jazz in San Diego - Just Jazz Two

An evening with CAMARADA in San Diego is truly one of the finest things to do in America’s Finest City. Live Jazz in San Diego via CAMARADA! With gratitude, there is plenty of cohesive musical expressiveness to go around.

You’re invited to come and arouse your senses at CAMARADA's next intimate affair -- Just Jazz Two on April 13th 2013, at the Meyer Fine Art Gallery on Kettner Boulevard in Little Italy. If you’ve never experienced chamber music inside an art gallery, what are you waiting for? Whether you’re a casual concert-goer or a devoted subscriber, we’re excited to have you.

Just Jazz Two is a concert featuring feel-good music by Peter Sprague, as well as Beth Ross Buckley, flute; Fred Benedetti, guitar; and Gunnar Biggs, double bass.

Last but not least, our fun wine tasting (Bergquist Wines) starts at 6:30PM, which is coupled by  tasty Southern comfort foods including cornbread tartlet with lima bean and tomato relish (inspired by summery succotash, these petite tarts are buttery and fresh all in one bite) and homemade sweet potato pecan bites. We hope you’ll be there to mingle and enjoy!

Chamber music in an art gallery -- surrounded by beautiful music and creative people in San Diego --  it’s got to be... CAMARADA!

Go here for: TICKETS 
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Tree Ring concert at Luce Loft, downtown SD

What a fun night at Luce Loft playing with The Tree Ring, Beth Ross Buckley and Travis Maril! We collaborated on wonderfully poetic pieces of music composed by Joel P. West.

The Tree Ring has excellent musicians and it is nice to have new musical friends and colleagues in San Diego. I met Joel as we prepared for the Creative Catalyst Fund.

His work ethic is superb and I am so enjoying this experience. My second instrument as a youngster was tenor guitar, then 6 string guitar, 4 string banjo and finally 12 string guitar.

I always wanted to get back to this kind of experience….a band! Camarada has allowed me to do so! I look forward to our recording and future collaboration.

AND I loved the lighting, and the space…thank you Typewriter Boneyard and Luce Loft. The book light is especially brilliant and fun.

Dana Burnett

Travis Maril comments on Tree Ring

I first met Joel in the Spring of 2010, when the Tree Ring was preparing for a show at the Museum of Contemporary Art in La Jolla.  They were looking to add a string quartet to their regular line up of guitar, violin, bass and drums, and Kelly, their violinist, found me through a mutual friend.  As an introduction to the band she sent me the music video for “Dreams Where I am Sleeping.” I remember being struck by the catchiness of the song, and loving the group’s warm mixture of guitar, strings and drums.  

Performing with the group over the last two years has been a freeing experience.  In most of my classical performances, the music is usually at the edge of my technical abilities on the instrument.  Combined with the little time available to put together a performance, these concerts can be stressful!  With The Tree Ring, the instrumental parts are technically simpler, but what remains is a very pure and honest expression of emotion.  Without having to worry about all the little details of technique, I’m able to focus more on the intuitive and expressive aspects of music making, allowing me to get inside the music and play from my the heart.  This has been The Tree Ring’s great gift to me, and it is my hope that I can return the favor by sharing techniques and ideas that will deepen their own music making.
Best, Travis

Camarada covers the emerging artist Joel P. West

Recently I had the pleasure of photographing this talented artist. In 2011 Camarada was the only musical organization in San Diego to be awarded a Creative Catalyst Grant from the San Diego Foundation. This grant provides artists the gift of time, space, mentorship and community to create new works. Together with Camarada, Joel  P.  West and The Tree Ring are forming a union that will result in the highest of artistic collaborations, new music, new recordings, and new audiences. As part of the grant I am documenting Joel's favorite landscapes around San Diego.  These landscapes are his inspiration for his new album.  Here are a few of my favorite pics from our recent shoot in Balboa Park.  Check out the curious squirrel!  Beth

                                                                                    © Beth Ross-Buckley, photographer

                                                                                    © Beth Ross-Buckley, photographer
                                                                                    © Beth Ross-Buckley, photographer
                                                                                    © Beth Ross-Buckley, photographer
                                                                                    © Beth Ross-Buckley, photographer


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